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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in renting a property from KJ Property Group, please read through our list of frequently asked questions below (all answers listed below only apply to properties managed by KJ Property Group). All units managed by another property management company are subject to that companies policies and procedures. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Please visit our homes for sale and homes for cash pages for more information on buying and selling.

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Step 1 is completing our Rental Application for everyone over 18 that will be living at the property. There is a $15.00 application fee for each applicant which is used to process the credit check, reference check & background check. Feel free to contact KJ Property Group to check the status of your application. If approved you may then set up a time to view any of our available properties.

Approximately 24-48 hrs after we receive the application, the time frame may vary depending on the rental references, background and credit check.

For the safety of our agents, time management and to better serve our qualified applicants. We don’t want to waste your or our time if you’re not qualified to lease one of our properties.

In most cases we offer a one year lease that runs from August 1st to July 31st of each year.

We require all applicants to pay a security deposit prior to taking posession of any of our properties. The amount of the deposit varies from property to property. Please feel free to contact us any questions regarding security deposit pricing.

No. All security deposits must be paid-in-full upon lease signing.

All lessees must complete and sign a Lease Renewal document prior to April 1st. If a Lease Renewal document hasn’t been completed prior to April 1st, KJ Property Group will advertise the property as available on August 1st and begin showing the property immediately.

All deposits will be returned within 30 days of your lease expiration.

In the event that your leased property needs repairs simply call 573-808-6748 and we’ll send someone out ASAP. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00. In the case of an emergency situation such as flooding, loss of heating or any other emergency please feel free to contact us after hours and we’ll address it as fast as possible.

Not at this time. With the exception that a certified service animal for a disabled resident will be authorized upon presentation of a written statement from a qualified professional verifying the need for the service animal and after signature of an Animal Agreement.

No. Painting your rental unit any color other than its original paint color upon move-in is strictly prohibited and is considered a violation of your lease.

Yes. That said, our normal application, background & credit check process will apply.

We do not allow any leases to be broken. The purpose of a lease is to protect both the tenant and the property owner. That said, in the event that you must vacate the property before your lease expires for any reason, your only option is to sub-lease. Our normal application, background & credit check process will apply to anyone interested in sub-leasing.

Subleasing is the process by which you need to find someone to occupy your leased property until the expiration of your original lease. As the sub-leasee you are required to complete a sub-leasing form and pay a $200 subleasing fee. We’ll then post your property as available on our website. We also recommend you advertise on your own (Craigslist, the Maneater, flyers, etc). Everyone on the original lease must agree to the sub-leasing of the property. We do not match roommates, so if you are leaving and you have roommates staying, we are not able to help you with your search for a replacement. Also, your roommates must sign off on the sub-leasing form, acknowledging you are leaving and agreeing with the sub-lease. Once you have secured a sub-lessee (and the $200 sub-lease fee has been paid) the new tenant may then sign onto your original lease and pay a deposit. Note: We will hold your deposit until the end of your original lease.

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Please feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions or for clarification. Thanks for choosing KJ Property Group!

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